Dear Reader,

My goal as managing editor has been to build the best edition of the Licton Springs Review. Toward that end, I studied many magazines and just felt bored. Not enough stimulus. Not enough variation. Too unlike life, which is full of variation. A pattern may be easily recognizable, but chaos is much more impactful; it leaves a scar in your memory. Good or bad, it lasts. So we decided to craft chaos into a shape that is recognized as a pattern. This magazine is a result of that shaped chaos.

I want this edition to be a mental and physical experience. I want this magazine to literally cause a manipulation—for you to feel it shift and change angles. I want you to spend time with it.

Variation is what we notice, what sparks the brain to stay alert: the crack in the sidewalk, the dark clouds in the sky, our odd magazine in a sea of standard ones. But, remember, life grows in the cracks of a sidewalk, a dark cloud brings life-giving rain. I hope you agree that, whether you like the magazine, you will not forget it.

Thank you,
Jason Vosburg
Managing Editor

Licton Springs Review 2015

North Seattle College

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